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Business loan

term loan

These are generally used to purchase fixed assets, such as equipment or a new building for its production process.

working capital

Money used to cover all of a company's short term expenses, including inventory, payments on short term debt, and day-to-day expenses.

mortgage loan (LAP)

These are secured by properties worth 1.5 times than the loan required. These generally have high approval rate.

lender partners

Non-Lender Partner


CAs are responsible for financial compliance and descplin, you understand the pulse of the business and it's financial need. Let's explore new possibilites.


Valuation is a prime requirement for all mortgage loans,which is done by you. Explore with us more such oppertunity.


EC verification makes property mortgagable, your expertise help in closing complex cases. Partner with us to grow.

filed partner

Our partner mobile app, simplifies monitoring issues. Partner with us to explore growth oppertunity.

Partner app

Partners are our angels. they help us in connecting the dots in the loan processing eco-system. We have created a partner app for them, which interacts with our platform and gives real time feeds from the field. Hassle free to use and close the cases. It definitely help in improving the productivity and turnaround time.

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Customer app

Apply for business loan using the mobile app and track the progress transparently. Stay connected with he financial world using our app. Get the best benefits of our lending platform using the financial app.

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about us

Agriwise Finserv Limited is a Systemically Important Non Deposit taking Non-Banking Finance Company(SI-NBFC), registered with the Reserve Bank of Indi (RBI). Started in 2014, Agriwise has disburshed over 1,000Cr worth of loans, as at March 2018, to over 2,000 clients. Based at Mumbai, Agriwise operates in 30 locations across 5 states in India.


Our platform ensures a fair practice is followed during the loan processing

vision, mission & values

Our vision is to be a leading platform in lending space. We believe transparency is the key to customer success.